Best Practices for setting eXact Contacts for ACT! Sync Server

When setting up eXact Contacts on a dedicated server, but the ACT! database is across the network, its best that eXact Contacts run as a Windows User, this ensures eXact Contacts has access to all the proper securities to the ACT! database across the network.

You can specify the internal and external IP/DNS that devices should use to sync in the Master config. This information will be sent to the devices and used in later syncs.

You can set the Min Date for sub entities ( Notes, Histories & Activities) that should sync by adjusting the Minimum SubEntity Date that is located on the Edit Current Database Config Panel.

Custom Fields have their own Best Practices, see them here.

If you delete a user and or Device, or Purge a device. The next time the eXact Contacts Database is opened on the the device, it will be deleted from the device. This is by design for licensing & security. You can not use stale copies of eXact Contacts. You will be prompted to sync eXact Contacts if you do not sync with in 21 days.
TIP: If you are demoing eXact Contacts, the device app will stop functioning when the 21 day demo expires. Its best to purchase and install your eXact Contacts Sync Service License once you have evaluated the product and not wait till the demo expires.

If you make a device Inactive, the ACT! database will no open on the device until the device is made active again. eXact Contacts Windows User

eXact Contacts for ACT! cannot be used with Remote Databases. This is for two limitations in the ACT! with Remote Databases.

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