Best Practises for Setting up new Devices

  1. Put your local IP Address in the Master Configuration screen for the Internal Sync URL in the eXact Contacts Sync Service ( on the computer)* this is a defect in 1.0.0, without this the device wont pair correctly, its been fixed in 1.0.1
  2. Make sure you have all your custom fields selected before you add any new devices. See more custom Field Best Practices in our other KB.
  3. Your computer should have a static IP address to avoid DHCP from changing your IP address and causing eXact Contacts for ACT! to no be able to sync.
  4. Pair one Device at a time. Due to the amount of data that may be sync down to the device, we recommend that you only perform one "First Sync" at a time. Other wise ACT! could be come overwhelmed with the amount of data that is being exported and the device may take several syncs to download all the data.
  5. Depending on the amount of data you have selected to send to the device, it may take a long time to sync. The devices screen will remain active(lite up) during the entire sync. The longer the sync the more batter that may be drained. If you batter is less than 25% its recommend that you plug the device into a power source.
  6. To avoid longer syncs and the expenses of 3G data, We recommend that for your first sync you should have the ACT! computer that has eXact Contacts for ACT! installed on it and the iOS device on the same Wifi network. We do not recommend first syncs over 3G due to the amount of data that will be sent, you could be charged for additional data on your wireless data plan. If you cannot be on the same Wifi as the ACT! eXact Contacts computer, you should be on a Wifi with a solid internet connection.

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