Best Practices for Custom Fields

  1. Select your custom fields before you setup and sync any devices. This will ensure that all of the custom fields data is sent to the devices.
  2. You can add more custom fields after a device is paired with eXact Contacts but you can not remove selected custom fields while paired devices exist. You will have to delete the devices and then start with a fresh iTract for ACT! database by creating a new pair code and downloading all data again, for each device.
  3. If you add a new field after devices are paired with eXact Contacts for ACT!, it is recommended that you only add new ACT! fields that have no data in them. If you do select a existing ACT! field that has data in it that you want to sync to  the devices, you will need to edit the records that have data so the record will be flag to sync to the devices, other wise there is a potential for loss of data if a device edits a record that has data in this newly selected field, it may erase the data in the field because the device did not know of the data, and iTract uses record level synchronization.
  4. Data Types for the selected custom field CANNOT change. For Example: you cannot change a number to a character. The result will be orphaned eXact Contacts Databases as eXact Contacts Does not support custom fields changing data Types. If this happens you will need to delete the iTract Database off the devices and then setup new database on each device using a new pair code.
things to do and things not to do with custom fields and eXact Contacts for ACT!

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